Tsampa Tsnacks

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Coconut Cranberry Flavor - NOW VEGAN!

Health Benefits:

  • Low glycemic index means exception hunger regulation and moderation of blood sugar level
  • More protein, higher in fiber and lower in starchy carbs than other whole grains
  • Rich in antioxidants and Omega – 3s for better heart health and lower risk of infections
  • Anti-inflammatory and reduces blood pressure


Whole grain barley, coconut oil, almonds, cranberries, dates, agave syrup, sea salt

What is Tsampa?

“Tsampa” (the “T” is silent) is whole grain barley that is roasted and subsequently ground into a flour. It figures more prominently than rice, bread or noodles in Tibetan cuisine and has historically been eaten by Tibetans to support their meditation practice and fuel their nomadic lifestyle.